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The Poscimur Group


Innovation is progressing faster than ever before, transforming the way we discover, connect and desire products and experiences. Customer expectations for seamless and interlocking products and services are challenging the ways experiences are delivered. 



At Poscimur, we understand the disruptive trends and implications on our clients’ businesses. We collaborate to identify high-potential opportunities and develop groundbreaking solutions, defining when our clients should enter the “S-curve of innovation” as well as how and what technologies will help their business to thrive and accelerate uncommon growth. 

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Founder and Principal

Sebastian is the founder of poscimur Partners. He has extensive experience building and launching business ventures and concepts in the technology and media sectors. He started his first tech based company with a Nordic platform in the 1980’s. Sebastian is skilled in product planning, user experience, consumer marketing, product management.  He has experience in quality assurance testing and is a branding analysis expert.  He has previously worked for international organisations including Ernest & Young and Bang & Olufsen, focusing mainly on international business in New York and Moscow.  He holds a degree in international Business & Marketing from Sweden and New York, USA.

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